Pizza King of Mooresville


 serving Mooresville since 1972


4 - 8:45
4 - 10:00

Serving Mooresville since 1972, under current management since 1993.

We have some of the best customers around.

Pizza King pizza isn't like anything else, it has it's own flavor, it is a well known franchise across Indiana. Although most locations are individually owned, some are Corporate owned, there can be a variation of menus and prices but the product is the same, how it's all put together on the other hand can vary from one location to another. We operate from the Lafayette commissary.

We are not perfect, but we do our best to make it right with our customers. 

We estimate your pizza to be done and ready on time so that it's hot and your not waiting around on us.

Not sure how long that trip to the grocery will be? Tell us what time to have it done and we'll do our best.

Although 90% of our business is carry out we do have a dining room. Be prepared, some nights the wait time can be a while even though you may be all alone but we believe it's well worth the wait. Although the dining room isn't filled up very often were making dinner for people to take home, but your welcome to stay, no it's not the Hilton but we are a clean establishment. We'll even change that little ole 13" TV for you, it keeps the kids occupied!

Pizza King of Mooresville seems to be a popular place often!

In 1993 I approached this with a lot to learn and the most important thing to us is customer service. Although it gets a little crazy we do our best to be friendly and courteous.

If we mess it up give us a chance to make it right. We feel like if you don't give us a chance to find a solution it's not fair to run off mad at us, we need to know our mistakes even though we know making everyone happy is quite impossible.